Guidelines for In Person Activities Resuming


  • We will continue offering online worship services as there will be some who are at high risk who decide not to join us, or others who feel it is not yet safe for them to return even with the precautions we put in place.

  • We will resume face-to-face worship during Phase 3. The number of people allowed in a large group gathering is to be determined based upon our county and state guidance. When we resume face-to-face worship, we will encourage those who attend to consider the following guidance:

  • We will utilize gloved and masked door greeters to be in charge of opening and closing doors for worship.

  • We will strongly encourage worshipers to wear masks but it will not be mandatory. This will be especially encouraged during congregational singing.  

  • We will allow for ample space between worshipers, encouraging from 3 up to whole families per row.  We will seat people on every other pew.  Individuals or family groups will be seated 6 feet apart.  This will allow a healthy pattern of separation. Children will be required to go to the restroom with an adult family member.  Ushers will seat all congregants.  

  • All our liturgy, hymns, and praise songs will be done electronically and shared on the screen during our worship services. There will be no utilization of the hymnals.  There will be no bulletin.

  • We will not invite children to come forward for our children’s story, but during Phase 3 there will be children’s church.

  • For Holy Communion we will be offering individual communion cups given out by communion servers wearing gloves and masks.

  • During Phase 3 we will not have the Offertory. We will adjust our practice of passing the offering plate to asking people to drop their tithes and offerings in the offering plate, located in the Narthex, as they depart and encourage on-line giving.  

  • We will not pass the peace.

  • We will not be offering a fellowship/coffee hour.

  • We will continue to offer Livestream Worship opportunities for our congregation.  The Livestream Worship will continue to be recorded.


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Sunday School, Small Groups and Faith Formation
We will encourage Sunday school to meet both inside the building and through technology.  If any adult class desires to meet, we highly encourage them to practice social distancing and minimize any personal contact. 
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care continues to be offered through phone calls, online gatherings, letters, etc. Some one-on-one gatherings may resume while maintaining social distance. 
General Building
  • For the safety of all involved, we will not permit the utilization of our church facilities during Phase 3.